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Chet: Strength Beyond Our Own

Cover image of Chet: Strength Beyond Our OwnSandy Cedars Publishing announces the release of Chet: Strength Beyond Our Own.

At fourteen, David Saunders wasn’t prepared to have his father walk out of his life, leaving him to look after his mother and younger sister. Just when David thinks things can’t get any worse, a devastating accident snatches away his mentor and the guidance he has come to rely on while finding his way into manhood.

With nothing but Chet, an old ’64 Chevy pickup that he doesn’t even know how to drive, David and his family must hold things together in the face of the most brutal Idaho winter to come along in the last hundred years.

With everything stacked against them, does Chet have enough magic to bring about one more miracle?

About the Author

Larry Murray has been writing semi-professionally since 1996. Strength Beyond Our Own is his second book in the popular Chet series.