The Mission of Sandy Cedars Publishing

Cradled in a sweeping bend of the Snake River lies a bit of American West history. To the east rise the majestic Rocky Mountains, where on bright clear mornings the Teton Peaks stand in stark relief against the purple horizon. To the west lie the twisted wastes caused by ancient lava flows. Volcanic buttes thrust up from the plain as vivid reminders of the violent geologic past. Pressed against the Western horizon rise yet more of the Rocky Mountain range.

Winters here can be harsh, with wind whipped snow piling into mounding snow drifts. Temperatures plunge 30 degrees below zero as the frigid air of the Arctic express rolls in. Even the mighty Snake River is not immune to the effects of winter, as large sheets of ice grow atop the slower moving waters.

Summers here are a stark contrast to the lengthy winters. With little rainfall, the area is considered a high mountain desert. Cottonwoods, Willows, Russian Olives and Cedars line the river banks. Here and there clumps of wild rosebushes and asparagus grow in the sandy silt deposited by the high waters of spring. Farther away from the life-giving waters grow the more drought tolerant cactus, cheat grass, and sagebrush.

In the midst of this beautiful yet sometimes inhospitable corner of God’s creation, lies Sandy Cedars. In the not so distant past, the people who pioneered the harsh homesteads like Sandy Cedars, of necessity learned the importance of core deep values, including honesty, hard work, and self reliance. In this part of the old American West, a man’s word meant something or he didn’t last long.

In 2012, the old Sandy Cedars homestead gave birth to Sandy Cedars Publishing.

Founded in support of the very principles that this arid land instilled in the pioneers who came to tame it, Sandy Cedars Publishing is committed to offering positive entertainment and educational alternatives. In a world where much that the media produces is negative, destructive, and stifles our imaginations, Sandy Cedars Publishing is dedicated to re-enthroning the values that have long made people exceptional.

Whether fiction or nonfiction, the books Sandy Cedars Publishing produces are meant to engage the imagination, enrich people’s lives, and inspire them to become more than they might otherwise settle for. If the stories we tell manage to strengthen someone’s resolve, or buttress a family, or improve a community, we’ll have accomplished what we set out to do.

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