Chet: Hidden in the Heart

Cover image of Chet: Hidden in the HeartSandy Cedars Publishing announces the release of Chet: Hidden in the Heart.

After months of heartbreaking effort, things are finally starting to turn around for the Saunders clan. Their friend Charles is on the mend, their fledgling business is finally starting to take off, and the constant threat of foreclosure is no longer hanging over their heads.

How will they cope when they find out everything they’ve been through has been nothing but a warm-up for the heartbreaking devastation that’s about to sweep down on them?

Chet, the old ‘64 Chevy pickup that has saved them before, reveals a new power that could save them again. That, or perhaps destroy everything that’s most important to them.

With everything stacked against them, does Chet have enough magic to bring about one more miracle?

About the Author

Larry Murray has been writing semi-professionally since 1996. Hidden in the Heart is his third book in the popular Chet series.